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new year
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happy belated new year everybody. may this year be full of japanese culture and naturally ayu.

anyway what's up with ayu world

-ayumi latest single has sold 101,263 copies in about two weeks

in case if interested ayumi's previous single took about three weeks and two days to sell that amount. unfortunately i still haven't listen the songs yet

-the annual countdown live

i'm really exited about the setlist because songs that hadn't been performed in while
such as I am... [performed last time in 2002], Pride [performed last time in 2006]and momentum [was never really performed]. more detail here http://www.ahsforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=97175

i really need to download that show on my computer. only the space is problem [actually lack of it]

did i got any presents relating to japan

unfortunately no, i didn't ask though
well maybe next year

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haven't been updated much, right

i'm still working on ayu biography

anyway i though today i would write more about ayumi

later on i've been thinking on why ayumi is the best
sometimes i feel any other music act can touch me as much as ayumi does. some of them have some good songs and rest are pure crap whereas ayumi has not many horrible songs in fact i can listen almost all of her songs many times in row.
i think she has changed me as a person for instance

- i used to wear black all time but now i try to avoid black as much as possible

-i've started to write my own lyrics and expressing my feelings through them. i really apreciate musician who writes their lyrics because then they bring something from themselves.

- i'm more interested to study japanese. well i had interest before but when ayumi came along i wanted to study more the language she thinks and writes. not only that i want to translate her lyrics in finnish straigh from japanese. i think that when translating a english text that was originally released in another language you loose the meaning of original writing.

anyway why i love ayumi

sometimes i find really hard to answer that. most simple answer would be her music is good.
but deeper than that i really don't know these points i have apart from music

-her live performances

her shows are interesting and what's more she sings mostly live. even when she lipsynches it's mostly one or two lines on two or three songs and only rarely she has lipsynched whole song.

- her personality

i think she has really amazing personality. she's just simply cute

her music videos

i really love her music videos. they're not some ass shaking and about her look
in fact most of them are surreal like alterna and marionette and simple like daybreak and HEAVEN and gorgeous like CAROLS and part of Me

anyway i though this would be all
thank you for reading and go listen ayumi, おねがい

hello, hello project, umeda erika, C-ute , graduations
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hello there

yesterday i was suppose to write a entry here but i had troubles to think the subject of it.
my second entry won't be about ayumi, but since i have ayu related news. i'm thinking on writing an artist introduction about ayumi and somewhere in future it will be published.

so what's my today topic

since it's 25th october and today umeda erika of C-ute has graduated from C-ute and hello ! project to pursue model career i will btw post more information about h!p later.
next graduating will be on december when kusumi koharu will graduate from morning musume and hello ! project, last graduation by erika was on march when their concert unit elder club graduated [along that many people who have helped to create hello project as it's today]

anyway back on erika. i really like her solo song do don ga don ondo found on 3rd ~LOVE Escalation~-album. and i think she was one of my favorites from C-ute. so it's a shame she has left. even so i will support her in her modelling career or whatever career she will take.

C-ute has already had two members leaving without graduation ceremony.arihara kanna left in july 2009 for same reasons. kanna-chan was announced to leave on hiatus for bunions in february. there was, however, at one point a rumour that this was not case. on 2008 she was spotted with a boy and she was reported of having a boyfriend [which btw is against hello project rules] and apparently somebody had found some really bad photos of kanna that can't be published due to her age.
due this ufa decided to get rid of her.

also their first member to leave murakami megumi, who left in 2005, resigned after a photos of her walking with a boy came out. thought she wasn't fired, she simply got scared by this.

funny that this turned on graduation stuff maybe i should write an another entry about hello project graduations. well sometime in future.

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hello there

welcome to my community about j-music. here i will write about my experiences of j-music.
on here i will post rewievs [singles and albums,occasionally dvd's], comments, artist introduction and maybe even some artwork. sometimes i might write about japanese culture.
this journal will be public but some post might be friends only

how i met j-music

it was back in 2005 when i stumbled upon on finnish fansite of hamasaki ayumi. there was a news written about ayumi's then new song HEAVEN being theme song for japanese movie shinobi.
there was a link for the movie's official site and i watched the trailer and i heard HEAVEN there. i immediately fell in love with the song and i started furiously searching it on internet. eventually ayumi sucked me more in and here i am today.

hamasaki ayumi is my favorite artist in j-pop. naturally i'm gonna post a lot of about her so forgive me about that. i also like other artist, but ayumi is still number one.

why i decided to start this blog

i saw this web blog dedicated on being madonna fan. i read some posts there and i started thinking what if i start keeping a blog about my fan experiences but instead of focusing on ayumi i though i could focus on japanese music. practically killing two birds with one stone.

do i like western music

yes, i like shakira a lot. there are others too but i'm not gonna focus on them.

i can't decide what to write next so i'm gonna stop. see you and have fun while reading.


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