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new year
ayu at06  NO taking WITHOUT permission
katja88 wrote in fatedfairyland
happy belated new year everybody. may this year be full of japanese culture and naturally ayu.

anyway what's up with ayu world

-ayumi latest single has sold 101,263 copies in about two weeks

in case if interested ayumi's previous single took about three weeks and two days to sell that amount. unfortunately i still haven't listen the songs yet

-the annual countdown live

i'm really exited about the setlist because songs that hadn't been performed in while
such as I am... [performed last time in 2002], Pride [performed last time in 2006]and momentum [was never really performed]. more detail here http://www.ahsforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=97175

i really need to download that show on my computer. only the space is problem [actually lack of it]

did i got any presents relating to japan

unfortunately no, i didn't ask though
well maybe next year


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