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katja88 wrote in fatedfairyland
hello there

welcome to my community about j-music. here i will write about my experiences of j-music.
on here i will post rewievs [singles and albums,occasionally dvd's], comments, artist introduction and maybe even some artwork. sometimes i might write about japanese culture.
this journal will be public but some post might be friends only

how i met j-music

it was back in 2005 when i stumbled upon on finnish fansite of hamasaki ayumi. there was a news written about ayumi's then new song HEAVEN being theme song for japanese movie shinobi.
there was a link for the movie's official site and i watched the trailer and i heard HEAVEN there. i immediately fell in love with the song and i started furiously searching it on internet. eventually ayumi sucked me more in and here i am today.

hamasaki ayumi is my favorite artist in j-pop. naturally i'm gonna post a lot of about her so forgive me about that. i also like other artist, but ayumi is still number one.

why i decided to start this blog

i saw this web blog dedicated on being madonna fan. i read some posts there and i started thinking what if i start keeping a blog about my fan experiences but instead of focusing on ayumi i though i could focus on japanese music. practically killing two birds with one stone.

do i like western music

yes, i like shakira a lot. there are others too but i'm not gonna focus on them.

i can't decide what to write next so i'm gonna stop. see you and have fun while reading.

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