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katja88 wrote in fatedfairyland

haven't been updated much, right

i'm still working on ayu biography

anyway i though today i would write more about ayumi

later on i've been thinking on why ayumi is the best
sometimes i feel any other music act can touch me as much as ayumi does. some of them have some good songs and rest are pure crap whereas ayumi has not many horrible songs in fact i can listen almost all of her songs many times in row.
i think she has changed me as a person for instance

- i used to wear black all time but now i try to avoid black as much as possible

-i've started to write my own lyrics and expressing my feelings through them. i really apreciate musician who writes their lyrics because then they bring something from themselves.

- i'm more interested to study japanese. well i had interest before but when ayumi came along i wanted to study more the language she thinks and writes. not only that i want to translate her lyrics in finnish straigh from japanese. i think that when translating a english text that was originally released in another language you loose the meaning of original writing.

anyway why i love ayumi

sometimes i find really hard to answer that. most simple answer would be her music is good.
but deeper than that i really don't know these points i have apart from music

-her live performances

her shows are interesting and what's more she sings mostly live. even when she lipsynches it's mostly one or two lines on two or three songs and only rarely she has lipsynched whole song.

- her personality

i think she has really amazing personality. she's just simply cute

her music videos

i really love her music videos. they're not some ass shaking and about her look
in fact most of them are surreal like alterna and marionette and simple like daybreak and HEAVEN and gorgeous like CAROLS and part of Me

anyway i though this would be all
thank you for reading and go listen ayumi, おねがい


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