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katja88 wrote in fatedfairyland
hello there

yesterday i was suppose to write a entry here but i had troubles to think the subject of it.
my second entry won't be about ayumi, but since i have ayu related news. i'm thinking on writing an artist introduction about ayumi and somewhere in future it will be published.

so what's my today topic

since it's 25th october and today umeda erika of C-ute has graduated from C-ute and hello ! project to pursue model career i will btw post more information about h!p later.
next graduating will be on december when kusumi koharu will graduate from morning musume and hello ! project, last graduation by erika was on march when their concert unit elder club graduated [along that many people who have helped to create hello project as it's today]

anyway back on erika. i really like her solo song do don ga don ondo found on 3rd ~LOVE Escalation~-album. and i think she was one of my favorites from C-ute. so it's a shame she has left. even so i will support her in her modelling career or whatever career she will take.

C-ute has already had two members leaving without graduation ceremony.arihara kanna left in july 2009 for same reasons. kanna-chan was announced to leave on hiatus for bunions in february. there was, however, at one point a rumour that this was not case. on 2008 she was spotted with a boy and she was reported of having a boyfriend [which btw is against hello project rules] and apparently somebody had found some really bad photos of kanna that can't be published due to her age.
due this ufa decided to get rid of her.

also their first member to leave murakami megumi, who left in 2005, resigned after a photos of her walking with a boy came out. thought she wasn't fired, she simply got scared by this.

funny that this turned on graduation stuff maybe i should write an another entry about hello project graduations. well sometime in future.


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